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The official documents posted on this website cover a period of more than 50 years. The majority of these documents are subject to specific circulation and derestriction procedures established by the GATT. In application of GATT/WTO policies on the derestriction of official documents, only unrestricted and derestricted documents may be posted on a public website. The WTO and SULAIR have collaborated to ensure maximum public access to GATT archives while preserving the confidentiality of those GATT documents to which access is still restricted. The WTO and SULAIR are continuing their efforts to provide access to additional unrestricted and derestricted GATT documents

Most of the GATT documents posted on this website have been scanned from paper originals of varying quality. The process of digitization and quality control is very time-consuming and has not yet been completed.

In consequence, neither the WTO nor SULAIR shall accept any liability if a non-restricted document is not available on this website or if a document posted on the website differs in any way from the original document contained in the WTO archives. Likewise, the posting on this website of a document which is still restricted would be fortuitous and the WTO and SULAIR reserve their right to remove such a document from the website without notice.

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