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WTO Documents

Documents Online is a database made available by the World Trade Organization that provides two distinct Internet services:

Document dissemination
Documentary research

The first offers WTO Members, Observers and the general public the possibility of accessing the output of WTO documentation. Users can consult and download official documents as they are circulated by the Secretariat. Each day's production of documents is normally posted in Documents online by 00.00 GMT. The second service offers Members the possibility of performing both simple and more complex data searches.

Documents online contains the majority of official documents distributed by the WTO and is available in three different language interfaces: English, French and Spanish. In response to requests from Members, Uruguay Round documents and a small selection of GATT documents have been included in the database. All documents are posted in the three official languages of the Organization as soon as the respective language version becomes available. Irrespective of the language of interface used, the results of a search always present the user with the choice of previewing and/or downloading the documents retrieved in all of the existing language versions (unless the search was made in the title or full-text fields, which are language- dependent).

Documents are made available in Documents Online in accordance with the provisions of WT/L/452 (16/05/2002): "Procedures for the Circulation and Derestriction of WTO Documents — Decision of 14 May 2002" MS Word icon

Documents Online is accessible via the Internet web site of the World Trade Organization and also through the WTO Members' site (for documents that have not yet been released to the public).

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